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    Oke here is a question for who ever can put forth informtaion on them

    The Hero

    The Pearl

    The Flamingo

     those are the lights im looking into or something among those lines , has anyone bought from them or these lights ? im sure these are chinese lights  but looking to get any input i can . They will be used in a gigging band and along side Chauvet Intimidator 250 led spots and some convention par 38 cans with gels fog / Haze will supplied buy atleast two geyser LED hazers


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    The Pearl is the only one with 3 in 1 LEDs, the others will cast those colored shadows from the separate LEDs which are so hard on your eyes.

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      I would avoid movers from CheapLights.  Most of them probably flicker like crazy on video, and that's the last thing you want to see in promo videos for your band.  Also, as mentioned above, only one of them has 3-in-1 LEDs, and none of them are 4-color units.  RGBW, RGBA, or RGBAW mixing with multi-chip LEDs is what you should be looking for in a wash.  Definitely worth it.

      Look at the Blizzard Flurry Q.  Seven RGBW Quad-LEDs.  You definitely want multi-chip LEDs for washes, it's not worth going with anything else these days with the offerings that are out there.  The MAP is $380 but if you were to search Blizzard Flurry Q on eBay right now and no one else beats you to it, it looks like you could get 4 or 8 of 'em for a steal.

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        Well, over here in my country we have to deal with a lot of Chinese unbranded lights, the are a ton of them and also you can mark them work your own brand of you want (yes, the stores right now would do that also just in case you want your own logo into it), mainly I've bought 4 par can 64 led with 56 3 watt led RGBW, and they work well, bought 8 Chinese copies of the adj mega par profile wich are exactly as the originals and they also work very well, I managed to buy a new 3 watt that's the same that Thomann sells wich is the x brick and works well too, of course you can get known branded such as elation, adj, chauvet, and others, but they are over priced regarding the Chinese one, you can get eg., 3 Chinese mega par profile for the price of one original adj mega par profile; ya you can tell about the warranty cover and more, but that doesn't work over here and the customer won't even tell or care of its an original or Chinese one, what they want is to see the color and that's it (at least over here it is on this way, maybe over there is not)

        So I really give the benefits of the doubt on the offer from that Web site and their gear, besides, everything is Chinese at this moment, and I think also is the treatment that you give to the gear, of course get some bags, covers for any light independiente if they are branded or not, my 7 cents