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    a few years back there were a few posts about some cheap chinese lighting companies i came across on here. i bought a few of the led par cans on the cheap and have been using them for a few years and im happy with them. id like to grab some more and maybe a few new lazers or something. anyone have any trusted links for some low cost lights?

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    ADJ Dotz Pars look pretty good. $140 each or so.
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      I'm getting decent results from the $80 Par 64 LED's at the bottom of this page:

      Note that they have RBGA Led's


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        Originally posted by StratGuy22 View Post
        ADJ Dotz Pars look pretty good. $140 each or so.

        I just bought 12 of these (although 4 are still on backorder). Pretty bright for how cheap they are. And the ability to change between 25 degree and 60 degree beam angles is really why I went with them. First gig with them will be this weekend.


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          It may have been this Chinese auction site I posted awhile back. I don't think you'll find prices any cheaper then this Chinese EBay site.


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            Do you have sample pictures of the lighting effects? Our local gig venue is looking to make some upgrades but the quotation cost by their source is charging about $3000, is this a decent price?


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              To answer your question, we'd need to know what they are quoting on.
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