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Blizzard Snowbanks-quick review

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  • Blizzard Snowbanks-quick review

    Recently picked up a pair of Blizzard Snowbanks, totally love 'em so far! Just wish that you could use the dimmer channel in conjunction with the built-in programs when using DMX mode. These fixtures are nice and bright and the programs are very usable.

    Here's a video of a recent gig, nothing was programmed as per the Snowbanks, just playing around with them on the fly. There's a few more videos from this gig if you go to my youtube page.

    RIG was: 15 ft Light Bridge One system-4 ADJ Mega Tri Par Profile, 1 Chauvet Scorpion Storm RG laser, 2 Blizzard Snowbanks, 2 Chauvet 6-spots, Chauvet Haze 2D hazer, Chauvet Geyser. Front lighting was just 3 Blizzard Puck RGBA.

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    That's a cool light. Nice show!
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