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    I play in a rock band. We have good front lighting.  We also have a back truss with several par cans, and a few movers.  I aim the back truss lights to hit the front of the stage.  I have programmed the movers to not hit the audience in the eyes for the most part.  My thinking was I don't want to blind anyone with the movers.  The first row of the audience usually gets some residual lighting from the back truss, but the rest of the crowd is mostly unlit.  

    Do you recommend that bands light the audience to create some ambience?  If so, what kind of lighting (ie wash, movers, etc).  Do you put your audience lights on the back truss, or from the front of the stage?  Thank you.

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    As an audience member, I don't like to have lights in my eyes, but I'm an old fart. The trend these days is completely opposite, with bands and productions putting up special blinder lights specifically to burn the audience members' retinas.

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      We used to use blinders back in the day.


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        I love the right amount of blinders.  If they hurt my eyes or I have to close my eyes while programming, that means it's too much.  I love blasting some Atomic 3000s in blinder mode though.  I also really like halogen worklight blinders and 2-light molefays.  What I'm not a fan of is killing audiences repetatively with LED movers that genuinely make your eyes hurt.  Some people do that all night long though, and it makes people not like your show.  I went to a show this past summer where I got burned with LED movers in the face at various points throughout the night, so much that when it happened I had to instantly close my eyes or hold up my program to avoid the pain.  I understand moving the lights across the audience from time to time, but punching the audience directly, no movement, just hurts.  Something about the particular LED movers made it hurt even more.  Not fun, 2/10 rating for that LD.  And it was a shed tour too, fairly big name band, not some club tour that can't afford a good LD.

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          Thanks for the input.  We will continue to be cautious with what (if any) light we put on the audience.  I appreciate all the replies.


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            nchangin said:

            Strat still got em? I want em. Nice blinders.

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            They worked out pretty good. It's embarrassing to say that the whole light rig was pretty much home made back then. I won't go into details, and it looked much better than it should have.

            Basically the blinders were 6 100W floodlights mounted to a board. Pretty ghetto especial compared to what I have going on now, but the setup served us well, even to my current band. I finally retired the whole rig when I upgraded to my DMX setup
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