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Mackie 32*8 vs Allen & Heath GL3300


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    Originally posted by kevinnemrava
    okay first off mackie has 2 differant 32*8 .. the recordding one and SR32-8 the live one... they are very different... the recording one is okay for recording.. DON't use it for live.. not enough aux sends.

    Mackie has a SR32-4. The SR series has no 8 bus consoles until the 40-8 and 56-8. There is only one 32-8. The aux's are the same on both the SR32-4 and the 32-8. 2 Pre, 2 Post with 3-4 5-6 switchable. Just thought I would clear that up.

    You can also get creative and use the Mix B outputs for 2 more aux's live. This console is a little bulky to be transporting though. It is designed for recording.


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      You can also get creative and use the Mix B outputs for 2 more aux's live. This console is a little bulky to be transporting though. It is designed for recording.


      I personnaly wouldn't consider a mixer that doesn't fit in a 19"space rack top. The hookup nightmare alone would disuade me from that mess!

      16 channels is more than enough if you submix the drums. The convience of having all the PA signal processing gear in a single case is way too high for me to even consider a larger mixer..... but then I may be a bit on the lazy side
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        Hi! How would you guys compare the Soundcraft and A&H small mixers? The mixwizard compared to the M-series from Soundcraft?
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          I would highly recommend the A&H GL3300. Our church has one and it is a pleasure to mix on. It has already been noted that the Mackie 32.8 is not meant for Sound Reinforcement (few Aux sends, etc.). The 3300 however has 8 fully accessible Aux sends. It always bugs me when manufacturers make the Aux send controls switchable (Mackie!): impossible for live use!

          Go for the A&H. It has all of the "normal" features of a quality board and is easy and intuitive to use. It also has a few "extras" like auxiliary busses and switchable Aux/Submix faders which may or may not be useful to you AT THIS TIME. I would say it's a great console that should last you well into the future.


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            For that budget, consider a Yamaha DM1000 with 2 ADA8000's. Less than $5k and all the kit you'll ever need.



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              tubes4tone, tomhole- i agree with your respones but this thread is almost 2 years old

              dalon- you should probably start a new thread and you will get some good responses.
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                Wow, old thread.

                I own a GL3300-824A. It was purchased for both live and recording work. I have ended up using it much more for recording and have not been disappointed. Flexible routing, good ergonomics, nice sound--a bit warm, and smooth. Pres have plenty of headroom and the EQ is smooth, musical, and on the sweet side. Gotta love the VUs

                It is in a different league from and will hold its value moreso than the Mackie
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                  One thing i will say for that particular mackie console. It's probably the best EQ they've ever made. Yes better than there brand changing ONYX line. The bandwidth control on the high mid's is amazingly effective. And i used 3 of these consoles in clubs for years. Each one of them probably got over 2000 shows on them. Still work. Great lil console. Not defending Mackie as a brand, but that particular board was certainly a step up for them.

                  Allen & Heath's are fine, kind of an odd gain structure on the ones' i've used though. Not a fan of soundcraft's. Think they are overpriced for what they are. If you have the money for a sound craft, then you can probably buy a Midas Venice, and that board is certainly the top EQ in this class.


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                    Allen & Heath's are fine, kind of an odd gain structure on the ones' i've used though.

                    How so?

                    They're probably the most popular mixers ever made, I wouldn't call anything about them odd


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                        Holy ancient thread batman.
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                          Isn't a DM1000 more studio based?
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                            GL3300 is a great board. No complaints, loved working with it.

                            Mackie (either one) 32-8 is not on the same level, IMHO.
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                              I have been using the 32x8 for a while as my "B" board and I believe its time to replace it and/ or retire it to a mobile recording setup. I have used it for FOH, Monitors (kind of hard at times) and some recordings but I do believe it to be a good recording board. I Like my Crest V12-48 as my FOH board its just large to haul around for smaller shows. Are the Allen & Heath Boards that good to for a dual purpose board (mixed FOH/monitors).

                              A while back Crest Had a bunch of there Large format console designers Leave and start up there own Company. (I think this is right from what read of Internet scuttlebutt) I saw the link to www.apb-dynasonics.com and I was wondering if this was them?

                              In your personal opinions, what would be a good new console to run with the same capabilities of the same range as the 32x8 board?


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                                How about a used Crest X series or XVCA series if you like the V12? Good compromise and well built. Note the X series is availabe in a 4 bus and 8 bus config.
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