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Seriously thinking about getting rid of all my mackie cabs


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    I will say that too many small companies put out a couple of (whatever) boxes and call it enough PA... and I have seen plenty of gripes about that issue.



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      Originally posted by Drumtech


      The reason why many riders sepcify "no XXXXX" is because people who will typically offer that type of product in their production inventory are often too cheap to provide enough of it to satisfy the needs anyway. A company who invests in EAW or Apogee or Meyer (for example) will more likely care enough to bid on and bring a suitable amount of PA for the job.

      The SRX, in appropriate quantity, is a very acceptable box... not my favorite but certainly serviceable. You provide 2 boxes when 8 are really needed is a sure way to piss me off though.
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        Mackie, Peavey and Yamaha (MI and Club Series) are the Most Bashed Lately in regional touring-band riders. And we're talkin' 400-seat club tours, not arenas or other large venues.

        I have one in front of me for a show next week that says (in the FOH mixer section), "No Peavey or Mackie" but then lists both as acceptable monitor consoles. Yet, they will accept any FOH mixer in "smaller venues" that has at least "6 monitor sends."

        Go figure.


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          I found an old box of my dad's from his sound company days - filled with riders.

          Lots say 'No Peavey, Mackie or Yamaha' under speakers.

          I've only heard the JBL SRX cabs once, it was a 3 way 15 model. Sounded great, tons better than my SF15s! (duh).


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            Question from an SR newb:

            Where does Yorkville rate in the mix? How would their Elite series compare to the JBL SRX? Both in sound quality and rider acceptance?


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              Most probably along the lines of Mackie, Yamahas, etc... Good speaker but not rider friendly.