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Peavey IP power amps?


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  • Peavey IP power amps?

    This guy around here is selling a Peavey IP 1.3K power amp for 200$. 200$ for a 1000 watt amp seems reasonable enough to me.

    But does anyone have any experience with these? I've never heard of this line myself.

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    The IP amps are sold through contractors as part of the AA line from Peavey and are very similar to models you are more familiar with. Sometimes the connector models have screw terminals for installs instead of XLRs and Speakons. Make sure that the amp you are looking at outputs to 4-8 ohms and NOT a 70V line. The 70V models are nearly useless for portable PA work. Otherwise ... no problems
    Don Boomer


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      I have the P 1.3k amp and use it for monitor duty. I purchased it 'as is' on ebay and had it sent to Peavey to refrib. It was cheap to buy and cheap to refrib! Now I have a great, solid, abit very heavy amp that will last longer than most drummers and it produces 1000/2ohm x2!

      I use the screw terminals attached to a I/O plate that gives me one signal input (balanced) and three speaker outputs per channel.

      If the amp is in good shape buy it. Just have someone else carry it...

      I once used it bridged (as a test) on my two single 18" subs and it did great! however, we are just a classic rock band. Peavey does not recommend bridging (2 ohm) the 1.3K.

      Michael in Atlanta
      Michael in Atlanta


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        I used those 1.3K's for years. I ran them bridged into 4ohms for about a year too. Only problem I ever had was the triac for the on/off switch going bad. Happened on both of them eventually. $18 part easy fix though. Power switch did nothing, good thing it fails open.

        Keep DDT enabled and don't keep them lit up constantly. Also, better have a good circuit for these babies. They require a good deal of inrush current and will trip tired breakers upon startup. Once you get it up you're fine.