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Crackling sound P.A. system ?


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  • Crackling sound P.A. system ?

    What is the cause of this crackling sound coming from my PA system. Everytime I turn my system on I get this sound. All my cables are pretty new from Mark. My system pretty basic 3 amps a x-over and 1-DBX comp (new) and 2- DBX 31 band EQ (new) 1 EQ for FOH and 1 EQ for monitors and a new PV mixer. The only thing I think it could be maybe the x-over unit cause's this. Or my speakers which are Fender EL15 for mid/hi's. It only comes from the mid/hi's

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    There are plenty of culprits available, but - just a first guess - are you overdriving the channels on the mixer?

    What kind of mixer do you use? Does every channel "crackle" or is it just one channel (such as the guitarist on a lead, or the lead singer on a loud passage)?
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      The noise culprit comes everytime I fire up the amps and I mute all my channels before I run any signals thru them.


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        Hey Mark Tom here let me try your suggestion and I 'll get back to you. I let you know the results.


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          Alright I tried what suggested and I had a bad cord on the other end no noise from the amp rack but from the mixer rack thanks Mark sometimes I forget things, now I feel silly as hell for not checking the signal flow. Thanks for reminding me and your help.


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            No not yours one of my old patch cables but heck I've had that patch cable for eons. I remembered to color code my cables with some zip ties but noticed this patch cable didn't have a zip tie on it. Then found it on my recording gear and I switch out the cables and no more crackle and thanks Mark for your concern about the cables, I regard your cables as the best for the money they're similar to a monster cable but a fraction of the price and thanks again for your input.