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Shure Beta 87a

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  • Shure Beta 87a

    Hey there fellas....

    The search function is disabled, or I'd find my info there.

    I'm considering going with all Beta 87a's. Our bass player has one and we're all jealous of the kick butt qualities that mic has. Before we go buy 3 more, is there another we ought to consider?? We're not really going to be faced with severe feedback problems with our IEMs and relatively quiet stage.

    We're currently using E835's and/or SM58's.

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    The 87 family is pretty bright. Have you all tried the one you have with your voices too? If it works out good for you then there's no reason why not to get the same mic IMO. You might give the Beta 58 or Beta 57 a try too.


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      With everyone on IEMs and a low stage volume, provided you're not on really small stages, where the mics will be on top of the drums all the time, they will work great.

      However, I peronally don't care for the Beta87A's, my choice is the original versyion beta87's. IMHO they sound much more natural, and have a much warmer low end than the A's.

      In eaither case, cut a few db in the upper mids at 8Khz, and you'll be in good shape.


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        Personally, I prefer my SM87's over Beta 87's, but either will be a huge improvement over a 58. I also like the EV RE410, which is a little smoother in the highs than the Betas, in my opinion. Beta 58's would be a good alternative as well, if you prefer a dynamic mic.

        In any case, it's worth keeping your 58's for those small stages where you'll pick up too much stage noise.

        And DON'T give the drummer a condenser for his vocals! A regular 58 is by far the better choice for that application.


        • #5
          I own a Beta 87A, and love it. Great mic. I've owned a pair of CAD 95's, and those are junk compared to the Beta 87A. I like the 87A WAY better than an SM57 OR SM58.

          I've never heard the original Beta 87. Now I want to get my hands on one, and see how it sounds.
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            Now I've got both 87's and CAD 95's and though they are a bit different, I find the CAD 95 to be an excellent performer and better for some applications where the brightness of the 87 is a bit overwhelming. I fiond the CAD's to be a little more open and less cluttered sounding.

            Remember, the speakers being used can have a lot to do with the desireability of a particular mic due to interactions. A bright speaker may not be a good choice with a bright mic for example. Also, a bright mic will sound better to someione who has high frequency hearing loss.


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              ive tried the beta 87a and didnt like it. but maybe it was the sound guy

              i use sm58s and they do it well, at least better than what i feel the 87's did...

              not really a very objective opinion....at the end thats what matters
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