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T.MIX mixer amps- cheap and cheerful?

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  • T.MIX mixer amps- cheap and cheerful?

    I'm shopping around for a mixer amp to replace the ageing Peavey XRD800 that belongs to my drummer and is on its last legs, in addition to being too underpowered. I'm looking for at least 2x300w output... oh, and I am also saving for a new bass amp for myself at the moment so I need something CHEAP!!!!
    Anyway thomann.de sell these cheap "T.Mix" amps which are presumably some sort of special Thomann brand because I haven't seen them elsewhere. The one I'm considering is:

    Anybody heard of these? If they are reliable and don't sound terrible then I think I'll get one... but I'm worried about buying something that is even cheaper than Behringer.

    The other option I'm considering is an Alto 2x500w mixer amp, but it's quite a bit more expensive and I don't know if I need that much power.


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