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  • Live Sound Forum Guidelines

    There are some forum rules that aren't listed in the users agreement. We're going to outline these here. Complaints and suggestions should still be sent to HC Admin, which can be done by using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page. Nobody should have to be told most of these, but here goes:

    1. Pornographic Material and Offensive Photos No porn. No gross stuff. Ever. If your avatar isn't work-friendly, I may remove it or delete your posts. Please understand that this forum is viewed by children.

    2. Offensive Language Harmony Central has adopted a family-friendly policy. We can no longer permit swearing/cursing/etc in either thread titles or within posts. Please keep it clean.

    3. Drug Related Threads / Threads Relating to Criminal Activity Don't do that; you may not be as anonymous as you think.

    4. Unwarranted Harassment, Flaming No personal attacks!!!! No name-calling!!! Argue the issue, not the person. I judge the spirit of the rule here. If you're consistently causing trouble, I'll ask you to change, ask you to leave, or make you leave. Not necessarily in that order. Trolling is not tolerated. Stalking other members is not tolerated. I don't have to tell anyone that threats of physical violence of any kind towards another person will not be tolerated.

    5. Spam, Selling Regular contributors may occasionally post personally-owned live sound items they are selling. I judge who's a regular. I judge "occasionally". This is rarely a problem area. Don't forget there's a free gear classifieds. If you make your living selling music gear or services, please don't sell it here. Do not pursue sales from users via PM's.

    5A. Music Industry Representatives If you own or work for a music industry business of any kind, you may post answers to specific and direct questions posed in threads here by other members about your company's products and services. You may not start threads about your products or services. Don't try to split hairs by twisting a member's statement into a question. I'd rather get a PM from you asking if participation is okay than have you risk the emabarrassment of removing your post, or worse having to ban your account due to excessive abuse.

    Please limit your response to the original issue, and please do not use your post as an excuse to advertise.  

    6. Links, Pics, Music Files, Videos Posting copyrighted music or video on the board is a no-no, unless you're the owner of said rights. Hot linking to other sites is not encouraged, unless their policy allows it. Avoid linking to muddy sites with possible illegal/pornographic material and links.

    7. Double Monikers Do not create a second user name/account. Some moderators are leniant about this. I'm not.

    8. PARTISAN Political Posts or Religious Posts Way too often these topics turn into flamewars, personal insults and bad feelings. I've never seen anyone change anyone else's opinion. If you're feeling lucky, try the Political Party forum, but please abstain here.

    9. Walking on the Edge There's no real "letter" of the law here. Don't attempt to be clever by skirting the border of acceptability. Borders can move, and you'll wind up on the wrong side.

    ****** Bottom Line: Don't be a dick. *******


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