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    I have found some great info on this site and i now hope someone can help me with a question concerning a small 100 watt PA system that we used to use.
    We have upgraded and no longer use this PA but, I would like to hang onto it for other purposes.

    The problem is after it warms up, it produces a high pitched squealing..like a feedback kind of hum. We took it to where we got it, and of course it didn't do it there, but it does it in our home. We have tried other peoples houses to check it, and it does the same thing. It does NOT do it if we are hooked up to an inverter. Any ideas?

    Thanks so much, J.

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    You'd have to take it to a tech to diagnose it for sure, but obviously it's got a failure of some sort....now the question becomes whether it's worth the cost to diagnose and repair. Maybe if you've got a buddy who's an electronics tech he'll check it free, otherwise it's probably not worth pursuing.
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      What kind of Kustom PA head is it? Is it fairly new (within the last ten years or so) or is it a really, really old unit from the original Kustom company of yore?

      If it's just a little cheapie powered mixer sold by the current company using the Kustom name, it's not worth fixing. As far as I know, Kustom has never built anything more than a mediocre 7/8 channel powered mixer, with the majority of their product being those little 4 channel jobs. Ironically, I watched the 4 channel mixer they make originally be sold as a "60 watt" mixer. All of a sudden the spec jumped up to "100 watts" without anything else changing. Anyway, if you could give us a model number, it would be helpful.

      If it's some vintage gear that has sentimental value, it might be worth looking at. If it's just a cheapie powered mixer, then forget it. With minimum bench fees ranging from $45 to $90 (at least in my area), it's just not cost effective.


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        Hey..thanks for the input..here is the info I have on it....it is fairly new..Kustom Profile System..5 channel 100 watt.

        I just don't get why it doesn't do it when I bring it for them to listen to and check. This has happened twice, but in our place, it does it as soon as it warms up. Thanks for the hep!


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          Oh, okay. I know the profile system. You're talking about this little guy here, right?

          It sells for less than $400 new with those little speakers included. It's probably not worth fixing, unless you have a friend that tinkers and don't have to pay regular shop rates.