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Drawmer DL241 as limiter?

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  • Drawmer DL241 as limiter?

    I have an oppertunity to pick up a nice Drawmer DL241 for about $250. Can I use one side of this (post EQ - pre crossover in a triamped system) to keep my amps from clipping and protect my speakers?

    I've read that this is a VCA based unit (?), would it sound like my '80s era DBX166a?

    Either way this should make a nice addition to the rack. Anybody use them?

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    Ummm, pretty much a compressor/limiters are VCA based.

    Yes, set at a steep ratio, it will work provided you set the threshold properly. It's an expensive tool compared with choosing amps that have built in limiters from the start IMO.

    Now the problem with this approach is that your desired limit point is broadband, so the low frequency signal level will cause compression that will cause the high frequency to limit as well, causing pumping artifacts that may be clearly audible. That's why limiters on the amps or after the crossover are generally used.


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      I guess they were talking about the specific VCAs or something. I think I need to read the VCA thingie again.

      OK, I dont want to hear any artifacts in my sound so I won't use it pre- crossover. Thanks.

      Any one use these for live sound? Drums, vox ect?



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        I've got 2 more for sale, work good sound good. They are great units, mine aren't $250 though


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          For a clean transparent limiter it's hard to beat Drawmer, very few come any better.

          I use a DL441 for limiting and also have the DL231 which is the predecessor of the DL241. If you set the expander threshold to off and the compressor threshold to +20, you'll disable both and can use the peak threshold as a limiter. Waste of audio circuits though (but can't complain about the price).

          You can't make a fast limiter out of an opto based unit, that's why VCA based units make better limiters - because they can respond ultra fast.
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            Some optos are blazingly fast (attack), depends on how it's designed and the particular parts used.

            Release times are not generally very fast though, but there's nothing wrong with this for many applications.


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              Interesting, I would assume that optos would be faster. I learn something new here everyday.

              I pulled the trigger on the DL241, I cant wait to get it! I absolutely love my old DBX166a for screaming hardcore vocals. I'll give the 241 a run on vox and a channel on kick.

              Guess I'll have to buy a new amp with built in limiting. Damn you guys are costing me a fortune!


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                I got the 241 a few weeks ago and finally got to use it last night at a 7 band show. I used the auto setting, dialing it in was incredibly fast and easy. The controls are responsive and accurate. I used one channel for the main vocal and the other on kick. Wow, great stuff!!! My old 166 still sounds great and worked well for back up vocals but there is a new love in my compressor life. :love: