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    I'm running sound for a blues rock band in which I play rhythm/lead guitar. The equipment I have available to me is a Peavey RQ 2318 mixer,2-Behringer EP2500 power amps,1-Carvin 400 Power amp, 2 Yamaha Clubs 15", 2 Yamaha Club monitors 12" ,4 Peavey 12" Monitors,2-dbx 31 EQ's,TC M350 effects,dbx compressor. The board has 2 monitor outs,L/R outs and mono out. Also 2 effect sends. My question is it better or right/wrong to go from mono out to parallel inputs of power amp then adjust mains speakers from left/right amp volume.OR should I run the speakers in series and use the other channel for something else? I like to sometimes run myself and the other guitarist through separate monitors that sits in front of he and I so we can here each other.I run us out of the monitor outs to the Carvin. And run mains right channel,singer monitor left channel and pan if necessaryI know. My main question is whether to hook speaker pairs in series or parallel out of the amps for best results. What is the best way to connect all of this???

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    OR should I run the speakers in series and use the other channel for something else?
    I think you meant "parallel" and not "series" ?


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      After rereading my post maybe I'm not making myself clear. I hope I'm in the right forum,I don't run sound for a living,just practice sessions and weekend jams down at the local shriner rental space every once in while. I know my equipment is not jaw dropping in brand name recognition but I try to get the most out of what I have. The behringer amps have a switch that sets stereo or parallel input(pretty much like a y connector to the inputs) where you run a mono input and hook speakers to each side of the amp and the channel 1 adjust that speaker and channel 2 adjusts that speaker this is running parallel. OR switching to stereo mode and running mono input to channel 1 then speaker 1>speaker 2 which would be series. And maybe running monitor input to channel 2 then monitor>monitor. What are the advantages/disadvantages to this? If I'm running the system in mono will the yamahas work/sound better hooked in series (one side of amp) or parallel,each speaker has its own amp side?


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        , each speaker has its own amp side?
        You will get more headroom when run one per amp channel. Sounds like you have plenty of amps? The Carvin 400 might be enough to run the monitors. Make sure you have the clip limiters engaged on the EP2500's.


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          Dag...roadranger you're right! I'm not thinking very clearly! Too much cough syrup maybe?!
          My apologies!