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  • EAW NT29's....Review

    So i am building a studio right now where my client requested a small, yet powerful PA system. After much searching we decided on the EAW NT series- Self powered, Loud, compact. We also talked to the EAW Application Support Group fro some direction.

    These speakers simply sound amazing. Bottom end is punchy, tight, yet full. It's got more bottom than most 15" cabinets I've heard. Transition into the horn is smooth. RIght on the throat of the horn is a bit harsh, but everywhere else is smooth and sweet. It gets LOUD. Has 3 Fly tracks built in, which is great because our contractor will be installing them into a sound controlled room, hanging from the walls (We had hard/power points installed behind the walls with this in mind already).

    The construction is tight, with nice rubber corners. Clean looking with the typical EAW paint job.

    The processing is minimal, with a 55Hz and a 110Hz High Pass built into the speaker. XLR Inout and pass through. Very quiet.

    Overall, just very nicely done. A pair of these plus a Single Sub would make a very, very nice portable DJ Rig/ Or small PA capable of handling a band in small to medium venues.

    Not cheap, but worth every penny!!!

    Todd A.
    My Rig:

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    I own a pair of nt59s and a pair of nts22 subs. The tops sound amazing. I am a little disapointed with the subs at 2000 watts each I expected loud. They sound good but they have no volume to speak of. A 700watt qsc151sub sounds twice as loud. To get any volume at all you need to run them off auxes other wise the tops will outrun them.