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    Any recommended ones?

    i'm using Behringer's but need a third one. i want to start buying better quality and replacing them as time goes by.

    I'm looking at the ART HQ231 especially because it has the Feedback finding lights. Just like the Behringers. They really help alot.

    Budget is around that price... $300 Nothing much more expensive.

    EDIT: Let me just add that I started looking at the Behringer DEQ1024. http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-BEH-DEQ1024-LIST

    I like the form factor with one large EQ section instead of 2 little ones. It's perfect for a mono set up. BUT I started thinking, even though I've had no problems with my EQ's fothe past 2 years, why not upgrade to something better. Anybody know of something similar with the same type of eq section with feedback detector?

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    Shop around and find some used DBX or if ya want the feedback lights check out some peavey units.


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      Your best bet is to just step up to a DBX DriveRack for $350, it's got a Crossover network in it, as well as a stereo 28-band EQ, Stereo Compressor, Feedback Eliminator, as well as Parametric EQ's and Peak limiters.

      Look around, you might even be able to beat that price.
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      Originally Posted by agedhorse

      You can't bridge these amps (yay).


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        I've considered the driverack, but I just think I'm not really going to be too comfortable with the small screen and bunch of settings....


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          If you want beefy, you can't go wrong with Rane GE60's. I have used them for over 15 years and they are super reliable and sound great. Also has built-in lo-cut. If you can find used ones in good condition, they are bargains.

          I also own GE30, ME30B, ME60 -- they are all great. The ME series have much smaller sliders though. You really can't go wrong with Rane gears.

          None of these have LEDs to help with feedback.


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            I have that same EQ and the ART single 31 band. Like yourself having help identifying the frequency just makes life a little easier in a panic situation and these fit the bill. I also have the Peavey unit and had no problems to date with either.
            With the exception of my Behringer quad gate all my other Behringer equipment has gone dead and been replaced with something more reliable.
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              Klark Teknik Square One


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                As cheap as that is for a Klark Teknik, it's still a little pricey, more than the OP's stated budget.

                I've never been able to afford "the best" and honestly, I think at some point it's the law of diminishing returns. Maybe in a studio environment, but for live, I don't know if one can hear the difference between dBx, Rane, or Ashley versus high end stuff like Klark Teknik or BSS.