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Whats my options for recording live


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  • Whats my options for recording live

    What im thinking is that I want to take the right ch output on the mixer since I use the left ch for the mains and record it as well as a few free air mics on the stage. And would like to be able to mix the two signals after its recorded.

    With that said im really only looking to get some good reference recordings. We have had some decent soundboard recordings at larger venues where mostly everything is turned up in the mains. Its the smaller places where you dont need as much drums ect that end up sub par. Same can be said for practice recordings.

    Someone mentioned in conversation that PZM mics on stage would work well for this application. Good advice or bad? What is the proper use for pzm mics anyways ?

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    Use the PZMs in the audience about 50' from the stage in the ceiling, if possible. I have done this with great results. You get a good crowd response as well.
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