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Carvin RX800 v.s. Peavey 8600 choice


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  • Carvin RX800 v.s. Peavey 8600 choice

    I am at a loss as to which of these to get(peavey 8600 or carvin RX800), so any opinions would be valuable. I'm pretty set on one or the other due to other specifics. Unfortunately, and am very unconfident regarding PA systems, but I am getting there. To make this simple, this is what I need to know that will likely make the difference in my choice:

    I need to be able to run this setup:

    Each side of the stage has old 80s Peavey cabs for mains, 2 on each side, a 12" and a 15". I would like to put vocals through the 12" and bass/drums through the 15s-I'm assuming they are 8 ohms each cab(?not marked), being old Peaveys. Other than that, I need to run 3 old peavey 8 ohm monitors (those are positively 8 ohms), but i also have an extra powered monitor, so, I could if I have to, use it through the unpowered monitor output and run 2 other unpowered monitors. I don't think the monitors are an issue for either mixer, but which one can run 2 x 8 ohm cabs seperately-controlled from 2 other 8 ohm cabs? If neither can, will either run all 4 cabs together as mains? Thanks for any help or opinions!

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    There are many here with Peavey gear and even a Peavey employee or two....if you can tell us the models of the gear you have we can talk you through any questions that might come up.

    I prefer Peavey over Carvin. If you ever have a warranty issue with Carvin, you need to send the stuff back to California for repair. Peavey has authorized repair shops all over the place. I am also skeptical about Carvin's QA/QC. I've had a few bad experiences with their gear.
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      The two 12" smaller Peavey cabs are: Model 112H enclosure MFG: LOC-03

      The two 15" Peavey cabs say: 115 International Transducer
      Impedance: 8 ohms


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        Herer is what Carvin said about it (I emailed them with the same question):

        "This mixer has 4 power amps that are rated @ 300 watts @ a 4ohm load.
        You can realistically use eight 8ohm speakers with this mixer."

        I'm not exactly sure if this means I can control the 2 - 15" cabs seperately, or I have to put everything(all instruments/vocals) through all 4 cabs. I'm trying keep this setup as simple and quick to set up as possible, it's crucial for the venue we play regularly (that's why I've avoided seperate mixers, etc.).


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          I can speak for the Peavey. While the mixer can drive the 4 - 8 ohm speakers, you won't be able to control them separately. The only way you can do that, is if 2 of them are your main FOH speakers and the other 2 are monitors. That doesn't sound like what you are wanting to do. I suspect, since they only have one control for the Left/Right, that the Carvin won't either.

          One other thing you may want to be careful with on the Carvin. While I'm relatively sure the amps can do 300 Watts into 4 ohms, I'm not sure they can do that with all 4 channels being driven at the same time. They do not specify what it does with all channels driven, so I can only speculate. Just something to think about.


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            The two 12" smaller Peavey cabs are: Model 112H enclosure MFG: LOC-03

            The two 15" Peavey cabs say: 115 International Transducer
            Impedance: 8 ohms

            The 115 Internationals are a good box for gigging bands; sure it's older, but if it has all the Peavey parts in it (i.e., no speakers were replaced with off-brand speakers) then it's a decent cabinet. I'd have no problem using them, and in fact I just suggested them in another thread. LOL (A friend just picked up a set and she was blown away at how good they sound.)

            Rather than a powered head, you might want to save money and look into a mixer and amps, because you are generally asking too much of a powered mixing head or a powered mixer.
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            Originally Posted by agedhorse

            You can't bridge these amps (yay).