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    Hello All,

    Been lurking here for a long time, but not long enough as I currently own a pair of both Jrx115 and Jrx112m. I did upgrade the 115's with selenium drivers, but I think I'm going to dump them anyway and move to the Mrx series. I think I will keep the 112m's for monitors for now, but my question is, should I put the selenium drivers into the 112m's, or would that not be recommended for any reason? Thanks to all for the great information this forum provides.

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    Besides trying to fit a 15" diameter driver into a 12" diameter cabinet, can't think of any.

    You DO have a jigsaw, right? And some woodworking skills, right?


    Then leave it be. Get quality cabinets. Don't buy, INVEST. These are long-term purchases. Make them worth it 6-8 years from now. If they're gear you know you'll never destroy and most likely not outgrow, then you're good. I've wasted so much money on budget gear. If I just bought once and bought right....
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      I imagine Baxter is referring to the compression drivers


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        I don't think you're going to gain anything swapping those drivers out. The 112 is actually not too bad of a monitor.

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          If powered properly the 12's can be made to sound OK with a little EQ. Of course it depends on how much stage noise is enough. I see a lot of them in this area being used by bands with a low budget PA. I don't think the new compression driver is going to get you a lot of return on investment as far as monitor use. I've installed a couple of pairs of the selenium drivers in the 15" JRX's and it does make a difference for FOH. A noticeable improvement.