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  • Guitar to Mixer to Amp

    Is there any reason I can't run a guitar cable from my acoustic guitar pickup jack (K&K Pure Western) to a Mackie 402-VLZ3 Compact Audio Mixer input and then out from one of the mixer's main outs channels to a Crate CA30DG Taos Acoustic Amp? Or for that matter an XLR cable from a vocal mic into the mixer and then the amp? (The Crate doesn't have XLR inputs or phantom power -- in case I'm using a condenser.)

    Will doing this create any appreciable noise, hum or hiss in the sound?



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    No reason you can't. Watch that you don't overdrive the amp's input. The signal you will be getting from the mixer is line level and the input for your amp might not be overly tolerant of too hot a volume. I'm assuming the reason you want to do this is to have multiple inputs and only one sound output. If you're trying to get more volume, this isn't the way. To reduce the possibility of 60 htz hum, make sure both devices are plugged into the same power strip. (With grounded plugs. If you don't have them, you might have to turn one of the plugs around.)