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TCE M1 or M 350vs. Lexicon MX200 for vocals


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  • TCE M1 or M 350vs. Lexicon MX200 for vocals

    OK Here it is:

    5 member Pop/Rock Band -
    Yamaha EMX 512sc Powered Mixer
    Yamaha Club 15 series speakers
    Yamaha Club 12 monitors
    SM 58 vocal mic
    Beta 58 vocal mic

    We have two exceptional vocalists and I am unhappy with the on board effects of the EMX 512 even though it also has compression.

    As a matter of fact when I run lead vocals through the vocal input on my Crate accoustic amp with a little delay the vocals sound fantastic.

    I think it is the tinny reverbs and of the EMX 512 on board effects that are the problem.

    So, I am considering a separate effects unit like a Lexicon MX200 or the TCE M1 to get a nice delay and get my singers out of the bathtub.

    Any advice???

    What about the TC M350?? Will that get the job done?