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Built-in Low Pass X-Overs in Subs (Remove/Bypass?)


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  • Built-in Low Pass X-Overs in Subs (Remove/Bypass?)

    Since I am using a multi-amp system with an active crossover, is there any advantage in removing (or bypassing) the Low Pass crossovers in my subwoofers?

    Will there be an increase in volume, clarity, etc. ?

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    bypass them.
    band status - "its complicated"


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      Depending on the crossover slope you have in your sub you may have a small loss in spl. New passive crossovers of quality don't have a high insertion losses. A db or so at most. More of a problem would be the crossover slope change in combining filters in series. The slope of your active crossover combined with your passive one. This would change the slope rate and freq. As well as the phase response at and around the crossover point. Is the passive crossovers freq/slope listed? It would be pretty easy to bypass the passive crossover and see if it changes you spl and "sound". If you have two subs you could bypass the passive crossover in one and compare the two.

      Edit: I wanted to add that some lower quality passive crossovers suffer from saturation as the wattage increases. This will effect the sound quality of your sub as you increase your spl. Something to try if you compare your subs , one with / one with out the passive crossover.



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        what subs are you using?
        Which rig to take out to a show?
        Aspects over B2 or the QRx212 over QRx218 rig