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Monitors and fans on amps?


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  • Monitors and fans on amps?

    Ok using my PA for the first time this weekend and I have a few questions. I am going to run all 4 of my monitors on one amp but the 4 ohm load per side would be 650 and 325 per speaker which I fear is too much. I could turn the amps up about 60 to 70 percent or I think a better option is the QSC USA 1300 I have will do a 2 ohm load per side so my 4 8ohm cabs would be a 2ohm load @ a 1000 watts a side but only 200 per monitor which is right in the wheelhouse of my monitors. Would you all suggest running a fan on the amps running a 2 ohm load or is that something you would do anyway regardless. I thought of bringing fans for the amps anyway but what is everyone's opinion on it.
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    Don't worry about wattage that way - it's not like that wattage is just going to start running through your speakers when you plug them in, it depends on how loud you turn things up. How loud a signal you send from the mixer to the amp. Turn the amp gain knob down halfway if you're worried about sending too hot a signal.
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      I agree. Before I ran the amp down to 2 Ohms I would just run it at 4 Ohms and be careful with how hot you run things. Sco was right, bring down the input gain controls a bit and keep an eye on things.


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        Fans never hurt
        Don Boomer


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          Unless they are blowing against the fans HEHE


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            Just mount the fans into the rack. Like this.
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