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  • No FOH EQ

    Hey you experts, can I get by without a FOH EQ for the 2 new EV SXA360 along with the pair of LS700P's and a active x-over. My FOH eq just took a dump on me and my other eq I need for monitors, without eq on the wedges I'm screwed because of feedback. My drummer has a PA rig and brought me his eq which was a BBE sonic tone destroyer which he swears by and I swear at them. Just figured I can get by for our up coming gig without a eq until mine gets fixed or I buy another one which either is cheapest. FWIW the club we're playing at has a ton of carpet and acoustic tile ceiling so it's a great user friendly room to mix in. The guy that owns the place is a musician and tried his best to make the place mixer friendly. The walls are SR with lots of hanging picture and neon ad sings so the walls act like a diffuser so the place doesn't have a ton of flat spaces. This also is my favorite venue because usually when I pop in my favorite CD and adjust the FOH EQ setting I basically take out a touch of 40-63hz and I'm done everything else is flat. Then I roll off the bass frequency on the vocals on the mixer and I'm done. Main reason I roll off the bass frequency is the cheap Samson S11 mic we're using has terrible proximity on the low end. After I roll off the bass on the channel eq it tames it down good enough to get by. Thanks

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    what was your old EQ? what do you plan to replace it with?

    i'd say if the place is that easy to mix in then you could probably get by without it but just for safety sake bring the BBE one just for this one gig. i just got a used dbx231 for 100 bucks off of ebay. yeah i've noticed it being a little bit noisy when cutting frequencies a good amount but even after i upgrade for that price it will be fine to keep around just in case.


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      FWIW, my FOH EQ has been set flat for the last three gigs... Two different clubs and one outdoor gig... EQing is done on individual channels only.

      I'm using (2) PRX 512s and (2) PRX 518s


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        FWIW, my FOH EQ has been set flat for the last three gigs... Two different clubs and one outdoor gig... EQing is done on individual channels only.

        This is probably the most sensible practice. A proper system should only rarely need EQ ... but you have it at the ready if absolutely needed.
        Don Boomer


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          You don't have to run a FOH eq. I have one, but it remains flat unless I end up in a room that needs a few tweaks....but this doesn't happen very often. I went about a year with no FOH eq at all. I ended up getting a used DN360, but like I said, it stays flat 98% of the time, but I have it if I ever need it.
          Greg H.


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            I'm by no means am an expert, but I have found that my channel eqs stay about the same from show to show, maybe the drums may need a little tweakin now and then and my ext EQ for FOH pretty much stays flat all the time, its more there as a safety net in case of an unusual feedback jumps out front,most of the time though for us,feedback issues are usually in the monitors.Now I definitely would not do a show without eqs on my monitors, me personally.


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              Thanks fellers I wasn't a 100% sure if I could get by just wanted to be sure. I'll pass on the drummer's BBE that would really cause to much boom boom on the LS700P which can get up there on SPL. I haven't decided what EQ to get. I know the EQ that went bad was a ancient pre Dunlap MXR over sized noisy and no balanced in/out but had a nice warm eq coloring. Could be my mind tricking me because it's was made in the 70's and my thinking was vintage sounding.


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                Good powered speakers rarely need any EQ'ing. You're doing the right thing by keeping your EQ's for the monitors.

                Release your inner DJ... then you will begin to see.


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                  My FOH EQ has been flat for a few years. Granted we do use a DRPA with the speakers filtered as close as I could get from the yorkville factory processor curves. But my buddy who owns the tops also uses them for side gigs as an SOS setup and doesn't bother using a graphic on them. And he's a stickler for tone.



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                    To the OP:

                    Where are you located? Some very kind members here have offered to assist folks in their area before; perhaps one would loan you an EQ, if needed.
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