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  • Question about inserts...

    Hi folks,

    How important is it to put a device (compressor/EQ etc.) in an insert as opposed to putting it before the mixer (ie: source --> device --> mixer)? Thanks in advance!

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    A mic level signal needs to go through a preamp to get an acceptable peel for most outboard gear. You couldbdo t wtb an external mic pre > compressor/fx unit > line in on board.
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      Ahhh, I see. That makes total sense. What if we're talking about line level input devices, like drum machines or keyboards?


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        If it'S got a hot enough output it should work yu might get more noise or distortion though. Check the impedance of the input and just listen. I usually find it more convenient to go to console first anyway though
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          What if we're talking about line level input devices, like drum machines or keyboards?

          In that case it would be best to put in in the place when the gain structure/dynamic range would be best. In practice it will probably make less difference them other factors like ease of hookup or control/adjustment.
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            Unless the input signal is too hot for the preamp to handle at its minimum gain setting, there should be no reason not to insert the comp/gate/mono effect.

            If the signal is too hot what I'd to is insert the device, but instead of feeding the device with the channel's insert out, feed it with the source (you are bypassing the preamp).

            However: if the input is going down a snake, you'll likely need to balance it (if it isn't already) in order to avoid noise pickup. In this case a passive DI will balance the source and drop the signal level to something the preamp can handle.


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              Wow, thanks for all your help guys!