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So I bought a used Mackie...


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  • So I bought a used Mackie...

    First off, thanks to everyone who participated in my SR24 thread. I was considering buying one that had some issues, and was convinced not to by all the helpful suggestions I received.

    My overall feeling from those discussions, was that many in here were not fond of the Mackies, and hinted at, or boldly advised that I go another route. But being that owning a Mackie has been a long time desire of mine, and that their availability largely outnumbers their competetors (at least in the used market) I ended up with a Mackie.

    I am now the proud owner of a Mackie 1642 VLZ Pro. And I love it! I paid $340 US, and traveled about 50 miles south to try it out. As we went through its operation, the seller (who seemed fairly knowledgeable on his mixer), basically concluded that there was an issue with the solo function on some of the channels (as I suggested might be the case, cause it was discussed in the above mentioned thread). But my guess, is that he just didn't really know how to use that function, cause when I got home and started through the manual, I found out that it was functioning exactly as stated in the manual. And as it goes, every time I think there is an issue, further exploration reveals that its working perfectly, and usually uncovers some brilliant design features that I wasn't aware of.

    Now I know that some of the other boards (Allen and Heath or Soundcraft, etc.) have some nice features and are built well. But from what I've seen, the routing capabilities and overall flexibility of these Mackies is far superior to those on similar priced or even similar sized boards by the other manufacturers. The mackie's connectivity options are far exceeding what I had imagined they would be, and I couldn't be happier.
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    Well I'm happy for you! Sounds like a good deal on a good mixer.


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      If I had the choice between an A&H mixwiz or the Mackie "straight up", I'd take the A&H every time. That said, you got your Mackie for roughly 1/2 of what a used Mixwiz goes for. That's a heck of a deal if it's in good shape and works perfectly it's a great example of picking up quality gear on a budget by being well informed and patient. I'd certainly rather have a used board like that for $340 versus a new Nady, Behringer, etc board.
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        I like the A&H better too, mainly because the EQ is much more usable. But those smaller Mackies are pretty solid and well thought out.
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          I use a Mackie 1604vlz and I love it. I'd get an AH if I could, but my wife keeps a close eye on what I buy hehehe. I bought mine for 150 bucks no flaws and it serves my band awesomely.


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            I never owned a 1642 but I have owned a 1604vlz.1402vlz,SR24-4, a cfx16 and an Onyx1640. The only one that I didn't like was the CFX. I still own the Onyx and it has been a great board for me.


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              I still think the 1604vlz is a very good utility board, the routing options are nice, eq is useable, has some aux sends (not many). For that price it's great. I've had 3 or 4 over the years and don't plan on getting another (unless a good deal on a WORKING 244 comes along). For small format I've got a mixwiz and a Yamaha 01V. Its pretty cool what you can do with a small mixer no matter who makes it.

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                i scored a used 1604vlz a couple of months ago for 350. all in working order. i'm sure i'll have to replace it sooner or later but the price of entry was well worth it. i just didn't have the 1000 to spend on the mixwiz. i'm ok with four auxes for now and i don't really think it will hold me back for quite a while.