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    Thanks everyone. I think I will be aggresive in training her mic technique (and explaining to her why it's important, etc.)


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      Yes - I think I'll go a few more bucks and get her a Beta 58.

      Thanks everyone.

      Depends - Have her try out the one you have currently and see if the proximity effect (exaggerated bass as you sing right on it) makes her voice better or worse. A mic with proximity effect can be used more like an instrument to change the tone, but it can also do it randomly (if that's what the singer is doing). Bottom line, if you want a mic that stays more or less "the same" as far as tone goes, no matter how far you are away from it, the Beta 58A isn't that mic.
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        The loudest sound at the mic wins. If that ain't her, there's nothing to be done.

        Something can be loudest thing at the mic yet not be enough louder than everything else to give a usable result.

        A friend has the best voice I've ever heard, and to listen to her tone you'd think she was powerful. Nope - it takes about 10dB more gain to get her as loud as the guys. It takes a lot of EQ work to make a gig happen with her, and she's seldom more than 2" off the mic. Tell your daughter to get right on it. Hound her relentlessly about this. You may eventually get her down to 2" or better, which might give her a fighting chance.


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          Thanks again everyone. Elisa and I usually rehearse the songs and then record them through a nice CAD condenser mic. In that case - 4" off the mic works very well.

          I need to school her on using different technique live - no more than 2" off the mic. I'm thinking if I buy her own mic, she will be confident getting close.


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            I really dig a Beta 57A for vocals, specially female vocals. Give one a try, it's $20 cheaper than a Beta 58A.

            +1 for the Beta 57. Almost sounds like a condenser (nice clean high end) and has great rejection specs.

            I would also add that I agree with many of the other posters about singing more on the mic. I've had my kid given wrong information at school before - I have no problem setting her straight. You do this professionaly all of the time so you know more about it than the teachers (you don't need to berate teach, just make her understand who knows what and why).

            I heard my daughter's choir teacher sing (Ouch!!). Even though she's knowledgable about music (and a very nice person), she wouldn't cut it for a second in the real world of musicians (that's probably why she teaches huh?).

            FWIW I did have a music teacher in high school who was a bonafied big band orchestra conducter and killer sax player so this isn't to stereotype teachers....... But I digress.

            Ask her to sing closer to the mic. It'll work a lot better.
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              Also not knocking teachers (married to one) and I disagree completely with your daughters instruction to stay off the mic... but I can understand the teacher's logic regarding this... Have you ever seen kids exposed to some new form of technology for the first time?!? Holy cow, one of those "ring bell for service" things suddenly become a full on drum circle to a 10 year old kid... and the same kid faced with the possibility of playing with the proximity effect of most cheap mics you find in schools?!?... there's not enough Excedrin in the world. I'D do everything in my power to restrict that behavior as well! Can't blame them for trying, but it's still improper technique. >Rant off.<
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                I agree with almost everyone here that she needs to be more on the mic for live vocals, in a studio situation being off the mic a little is not nearly as big of a deal. But when you are on stage in a live situation as said before loudest at the mic wins.

                Any of those mics you already have should work just fine. I tend to find the sennheiser 835 to have a little more mid presence than the shure 58s IMO. In the same price range.