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East coast acoustic design companies?

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  • East coast acoustic design companies?

    My church is currently planning some sanctuary renovations and is looking for an acoustic design company to pick out and install acoutic panels in the sanctuary. They're hoping for someone fairly local (we're in the Delaware area). If anyone has a recommendation for a company they've worked with before and was satisfied with I'd love to hear it. Thanks.
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    Try these guys:


    They would be your local rep for Pinta Acoustics (formerly Illbruck Industries) a manufacturer of commercial and industrial acoustic products. If they can't provide consultation for you they can certainly lead you to the right people. Be prepared to have a decent budget for this area of your design. This isn't some clowns glueing egg crates (not remotely effective by the way) to your walls, this is the real deal and it doesn't come cheap. But a real consultant/installer will not only be able to document your installs potential effectiveness and back it up with true measurement software, but will also be able to give you realistic expectations.
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      This company is based in MA. They designed the house system used in Ani DiFranco's personal concert hall in Buffalo, NY. It was an old, run down church before Ani took it over. I've played there several times w/ my group and the sound is amazing. I'm not 100% certain they do what you need but it can't hurt to ask:



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        these guys are located in monroe connecticut..but do great work. they actually hooked me up for my home studio with some used panels for really cheap and the end result was amazing. check them out..not quite in delaware but they do installs all over the u.s.