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    I need a work cart that is a combination of a platform to put some stacking mic stands on, a set of drawers for mic cables/clips/gels/etc, and a place on top to stack a couple of mic storage boxes.

    The box needs to be on non-marking casters, and look professional.

    Grip milkcrate carts look promising, but while price isn't too big a deal I'd like to keep it well below the $1200 price tags on those, and even then they aren't quite what I am looking for.

    Without getting into the specifics of size, do any of ya'll have any hints on where I should be looking for this tool? I've been googling rolling work carts and found a bunch of work boxes on wheels, but nothing with a deck for stacking.

    A cheaper version of something like this would work, but I haven't seen one with a deck to stack stands:

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    For $1200 you should be able to have a quality case builder make you anything you want (within reason of course). If you are using stacking stands, you'll want something like this (which holds a dozen stackable stands) on the end of the case: