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Hire musicians, promote music production services

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  • Hire musicians, promote music production services

    Hello colleagues. I make music production services for singers and musicians and sometimes order recording sound tracks and hire guitarists, saxophonists and pianists. Could you please suggest me some web sites where I could hire musicians and promote my own music production services? I know some web sites exactly for this aim:
    musiciansjunction .com/
    berkleemusic .com/community/
    recordproduction .com/
    hitquarters .com/
    studioexpresso .com/

    and several general music web sites which could be used for this aim:

    harmony-central .com/
    broadjam .com/
    us.music-jobs .com/
    macjams .com/
    mpg .org.uk/home
    musicianspage .com/
    reverbnation .com/
    squaresound .com/
    istockphoto .com/index.php
    taxi .com/
    elance .com

    But I am sure, you know better web sites, which are more comfortable exactly to hiring and promoting musicians and their services. Thanks a lot!
    Kind regards, Denis

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    What is your location and the name of your company?
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      Hello Craigv. I am from Ukraine and I work with customers from a lot of countries. My company name Songarrangement. Could you please answer my question?


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        Hello Craigv. I am from Ukraine and I work with customers from a lot of countries. My company name Songarrangement.

        I collaborate online quite a bit (and have a decent stable of west coast players I can draw from). Possibly I can help. My rates are very reasonable. The musician's rates vary widely.

        P.M. me. Maybe we can do some business. Ya govorit chut chut russki tozha.
        J.R. Previously jrble

        See my Dog Of The Hair studio at: http://www.dogoth.com/studio/

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        If you think "power is knowledge", you have it backwards.


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          JRBLE, thank you for the answer.
          But I need adwise where I can find 1000 or 10 000 guitarists, saxophonists and pianists with their demos, rating depending of professional skills and so on to choose the best for my every project. Could you please suggest something like that? Thanks.


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            Try the American Federation of Musicians, which is the professional Musician's union for the US and Canada
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