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Thinking about going back to a passive system


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  • Thinking about going back to a passive system

    Right now Im using a small powered system with 2 QSC HPR 181s and 4 Behr B1520dsps. Its a really good sounding rig and Ive been happy with it. I dont like the QSCs as much as I liked my Yorkville LS800Ps , but someone wanted to buy the Yorkies and I got the QSCs cheap , so I made the switch. Ive got a few gigs coming up where I feel like Im gonna need a bit more sound. I used to have a MRX rig consisting of 4-525 tops and 4-528 subs powered with Crown XTI amps. I really liked the rig , but I wasnt taking it out enough to justify the big rig. I was thinking about just grabbing another pair of the 525s and 528s and a couple of XTI amps. Its been so long though that Ive forgotten the output of the JBLs.
    Has anyone compared the 181i sub to the 528 sub? On paper , they seem to have about the same output , but I cant remember if they compare or not.
    Im starting to think I just NEED a complete overhaul every so often lol.
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    cant really compare them but i'm curious. You stepped from a fairly well regarded mid level system in the MRX to using Behringer 1520s? How did you find that?


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      We played a show last weekend in a small bar here, and the house System's Monitors were Behringer 1220's. Shockingly pretty decent. Definitely not the worst monitors we have ever used. And they were setup pretty basic as well. just daisy chained together with mostly vocals coming through with a touch of the guitars.


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        yeah. I own the 212s. For what they are they're not bad but far from "pro"


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          I've not heard the QSC subs, but I've seen more bad comments than good. The local Yorkie users much prefer the UCS1 to the 800.

          If it's just speakers on sticks, powered boxes are OK. Once you add subs and wedges, I think they are a PITA.

          Note that unless you are sure you'll have solid AC power, I'd go QSC, as the XTi are developing a reputation as working poorly if the line voltage is low.