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I Finished My New Racks. Finally

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  • I Finished My New Racks. Finally

    member these?

    i got interupted twice with other major projects that took precedence. the racks had to wait.

    now they look like this

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    very nice


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      i made these hooks. i looked everywhere for a premade hook. douldnt find one, so now i have the hooks i want. with the door on, the cables cannot come off the hook. the end of the hook is within 1/16" of the door with the door on. i may use some velcro to secure the coils when in use depending on what i find out after a gig or two.

      i mounted the power strips to plates failry solid, then mounted the plates to the box.

      heres the front. i made the plate on the bottom of the lower rack.

      there are a couple extra floater jacks in this one from whehn my other 266xl took a dump mid show. i havent replaced it yet.

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        gratuitous power on shot

        note the second white 4203 has no functioning led.

        this is just silly

        oh the shame. the sheer plain horror.

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          Very nice indeed. Looks like that will make life much easier!:thu:


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            will i ever get those clubs back together?

            i just got this stand. i havent used it yet. i think its neat.

            so here you can see how the whips work. i have them hooked to the racks in this pic but normally they would be hooked to the mixer box. one cable per rack is sweet.

            i need a courtesy outlet in the rack A. here is my idea, i dont know if its good enough. its a KO box surrounded by wood. i spent literally a minute cutting these and they are not fastened in any way or even the correct size. just an idea. suggestions?

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              Sweet man! Wanna Make me one?


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                good god someone help me clean my shop. i am four major projects deep and i have a serious disaster going on in here. what a farking mess. i am hoping to get caught up in two weeks and get cleaned up and organized. i normally dont get this bad but i also am not four deep in projects.

                i see my upload skipped a number of pics. i'm too tired to fix it now but i have some details on the doors that didnt upload for some reason (the doors stay on with the latches open)

                the boxes are a little on the heavy side, but not too bad.

                i am getting rid of the SKB racks once and for all. i just wish i had the neato stickers ......

                i finished them today so i took pics right away because they will start getting BANGED UP monday. i'm goona be so pissed when they come off the truck all messed up.

                notice i didnt say IF
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                  Sweet man! Wanna Make me one?

                  a lot cheaper to just buy them from mark. but yeah, if you can wait and really want one i'd do it.
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                    my usb thumb drive was corrupted. apparently mac doesnt eject the disc when it says it does, it says ejected but it is still writing to the disc. if i leave it in there a while longer it is fine.

                    heres some more pics

                    these are really shallow. i wanted to make them as light as possible. i even used 5/8 ply instead of 3/4 for weight reasons.

                    this isnt quite right yet. it worked in the old racks but i'm not entirely happy with it in this rack, the wiring looks crowded and unorganized to me.

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                      here is an example of the door. i've tried various things and so far this is the best. its not perfect as i have to set the rails back farther than i would like to allow the corners to stick in the box and it adds room to the door stack at shows. it does make the box stronger with the doors on, and allows the doors to stay on with the latches open. also aligns the doors. penn elcom makes a tabbed butterfly with alignment dowels but i cannot find a source anywhere.

                      both latches are open and the door stays put.

                      these boxes have a lot of history. as much as i hate them i will miss them. many many many shows.

                      this pile taunts me. taunts i say!

                      gratuitous door shot. see its funny cause there are three doors. i didnt plan that

                      heres a better shot of my courtesy outlet idea. just an idea.

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