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  • Pedal Board HEEEEEEELP!

    Ok so here are my pedals....

    Digitech Whammy
    Snarling Dog Reverse VolumeVolume
    Cool Cat Chorus
    Fender Tuner
    Tube Screamer (mainly just boost)

    What order should I put them in? Thanx!

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    Live sound forum is full of bass players. we don't know about no pedals!
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      Glad to here it! lol Where should i post this then?


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        Oldscool: Web | Facebook


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          Live sound forum is full of bass players. we don't know about no pedals!

          Lot of bass players line up the pedals. Nothing for me, and nothing on the floor.

          Hell, my Jazz V has more knobs than I
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            There's no hard and fast rule as it's totally open to artistic expression, the exception being where to place your tuner as obviously you want nothing between your guitar and tuner, so that comes first.

            A whammy should come before any distortion to allow accurate tracking of the guitar signal and any delay or reverbs should come last. The volume pedal will function differently before and after overdrive (pedal or preamp), placed before overdrive it will act similar to your guitars volume knob, placed after overdrive it will act like a master volume, so take your pick! Everything else is up to personal taste, just try it and see what you like.

            I currently just run Gtr->Tuner->Compressor->Wah->overdrive/boost->amp, but have previously run overdrive and fuzz into the wah, put a phaser before an overdriven amp and also in the loop etc etc etc

            Try various combination's but if you intend to gig make sure you test them first at gig volume !!