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Mixer (BAL / XLR) Output to BOSE L1 (UNBALANCED / TS) Input


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  • Mixer (BAL / XLR) Output to BOSE L1 (UNBALANCED / TS) Input


    have a gig on friday whereby I will be using my Mackie ONYX 1640i board > via XLR snake to stage > BOSE L1 (Model 1) 1/4" Unbalanced Input.

    I have XLR to TS cables (Hosa)...from the snake's Outs to the BOSE heads...but was wondering:

    1) What exactly happens inside that adapter cable...??? For Stereo XLR Outputs (L & R)...two pins (1 & 3) are hot (+ & -) & one pin (2) is earth, correct...??? So...going to the 1/4" TS side (where pin 1 is hot & pin 2 is earth ?)...what happens to pin 3...??? Is it shunted to ground, tied to 1, or left open...???

    2) Is this my correct connection between these two devices (XLR > TS)...???

    3) What happens if I use XLR > TRS into that 1/4" unbanaced Input...???

    thanx very much,


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    Your understanding of pin-outs is totally wrong. Pin 1 is never (ever) hot. Pin 2 is non-inverting and pin 3 is inverting on 99% of equipment you are likely to see. A few legacy products use pin 3 + and pin 2 -. Pin 2 goes to tip and pin 3 goes to ring. Pin 1 always goes to sleeve. All reasonable TRS and XLR outputs on MI grade mixers include buildout resistors to protect against damage when used like this with adapters.

    For your application, either a TS or TRS cable should work and the connection of ring to sleeve will be made inside the TS jack on the Bose. You will need to be sure the Bose will accept line level this way and you are not going into a higher gain instrument input. Double-check your manual, I don't know for sure.
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