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  • wireless headphone mike setup

    What is a good one for $350 to $500 range it's for my son who is a full time pastor he also wants it to have the mic that wraps around your ear.Thanks

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    For the whole rig, or just the mic? A Countryman E6 runs at about that.
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      What is a good one for $350 to $500 range it's for my son who is a full time pastor he also wants it to have the mike that wraps around your ear.Thanks

      Is his name Mike? Just making fun, mic is the shortening of microphone.

      The Shure PGX-D is not a bad choice for a low cost option. Over ear mic is separate. I bet others can chime in with a decent priced option there.


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        In the slightly >$500 range, an Audio Technica 3000 system with a Pro 92 over the ear headset is hard to beat.
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          What aged said but it can be had for less than $ 500
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            What is a good one for $350 to $500 range it's for my son who is a full time pastor he also wants it to have the mike that wraps around your ear.Thanks

            Not sure on prices, but I use a Sennheiser ME3 wireless headmic, which not only wraps around the mic-side ear but also around the back of the neck and over the offside ear... and there's an additional strap that can fit behind the neck or over the top of the head (I haven't used that).

            The ME3 mic is bundled with receiver and beltpack transmitter as EW 152 G3 (Evolution Wireless, Gen 3) with boat loads of frequencies to choose from... or as the lesser expensive XSW 52 with fewer available frequencies. I'm happy with it (I have the 152 G3 bundle), but be aware this is not an unobtrusive mic.

            No matter what brand/model you want to end up with, there are a few threads around here about 700 mHz wireless, and some of those have some good links to use to check for best available frequencies in your area. Sennheiser's website has one, AT's website has one, Lectrosonics has one... FCC suppposedly has one, although I've never found it... but the one I found easiest is http://whitespaces.spectrumbridge.com/whitespaces/home.aspx#Search. There were suggestions to check several, and that sounded reasonable.

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              OP, if your son's church already has a hand-held wireless mic setup, then it can get a matching wireless beltpack (the transmitter) and a headworn mic to plug into the belt pack. That will save the church the cost of the reciever portion of a full wireless setup. (Or it can buy a nicer/less obtrusive headworn mic within the same budget.)

              Once the church has a beltpack transmitter and a receiver, it can also get a lavalier (lapel) mic as an alternative to the headworn mic. Some places have a headworn mic for use by the worship leader, but also have a lav mic available for a guest who isn't comfortable with a headworn mic.

              If the church needs to get the whole wireless rig, FWIW, I went with the A-T 3000 series system. I currently have one receiver, one handheld mic/transmitter, and a beltpack w/lav mic. Mark C.
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