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  • RCF's NEW MKII and MKIII versions...

    Hey guys,

    After a closer look at all of these NEW MKII and MKIII versions appearing on the RCF website and checking out the revised manuals, it does seem RCF is switching many components in their existing 3 and 7 lines from neodymium to (more affordable) ferrite. This might not affect performance so much, but it does suck for those paying a premium for the 7 series boxes. Also, for those who can still get the MKII version of the 310A, I highly recommend doing so as the woofers in these are excellent neo units with 600 watt PGM handling and 2.5" voice coil. (the same used in the 710A, NX10 and D-Line)The newer MKIII Art 310A has a lower power ferrite 2" VC unit... The funny line found in the manual which is utter BS is :

    "All the transducers in the Art 3 Series MK III speakers feature high power ferrite magnets in order to guarantee a better performance and make for easier transportation."

    Funny. they also added this line to the 7 series manual. RCF needs to revise their frequency response specs as well since although listed with response down to 45 and 50hz, MOST RCF full range cabs are actually down about 20DBs at these frequencies...

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    I find that funny too. The new ferrite magnet 310 box is going to sound better than my NX10.
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      RCF did switch to ferrite with the MK III but overall weight is not up - probably due to a lighter amp module. On paper the MK III 3-series is 400 watts vs 350 for the MK II but they are only claiming a 1db increase in SPL so it's more or less the same. I don't have a MK II to compare them to but my Art 312A Mk III's are very nice indeed. Mine are "Made in Italy" but my distributor claimed that he got one of the last shipments before they start coming from China. I have no idea if thats true since I remember everyone thinking not too long ago that the 3-series would be discontinued altogether.


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        All the major OEM's seem to be doing this because of the issues with the supply of rare earth alloys coming out of China.

        I am just glad I got my light and powerful DSR112's and PRX618S-XLF's before this class of speaker goes away
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          Just brought the RCF ART 310 Mark II and absolutly love it , 400 watts and the HF is 100 watts rather then the previous 50 watts on the older version , I can really hear my voice clear when singing. Also love the bass boast, I was a bit weary of it at first thinking it would sound too boomy and false but it really adds warmth . I mainly do vocals and guitar and the guitar sounds nice and full . I use mine with a AER compact 60 Mk 2 as a front end and that going out from the AER DI out into a Allen and Heath Zed 10 on the mic channel channel and from the speaker balanced out I go straght to the RCF.
          Sounds amazing with the AER mic pre's and reverb.
          The RCF gives everything a beautiful bottom end and wide frequency response.
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