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OT - Please do not blow your nose on the wall

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  • OT - Please do not blow your nose on the wall

    ....was what the sign said in the conference room employee mens bathroom at an upscale hotel where we did a corporate holiday party last night. That's a new one. There were actually 2 of these posted in the same, relatively small, bathroom.


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    LOL...You'd think that goes without saying, but I can't count how many times I've seen a bugger on the wall by a urinal...who the hell does that??
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      And there was indeed a bugger on the wall next to the sign. I mean you pretty much have to do it if there are 2 signs saying not to. The disturbing part is the employees using this bathroom are the folks that comprise the catering staff. Maybe the sign should say:

      "Please wash your hands AFTER blowing your nose on the wall" ... thank you


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          My buddy decided to be clever one day at the fire department...this was the result...


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              I've worked a maintenance job at an arena for a while now, and every so often the stands would be messy as all hell. I made and posted some signs that said "please care for your arena and use the refuse containers provided. thanks, parks and recreation dept". Since I posted those signs, every night there would be garbage EVERYWHERE. crap spilled all over the place with more crap spilled in it.

              so about two weeks later I took the signs down and replaced them with signs that read "please leave your trash on the ground; the garbage cans are only for show. make sure to dump your drink containers on the floor before you leave. thanks, parks and recreation".

              wouldn't you know, the place was spotless.


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                My roommate's got a 13yo son who pisses on the seat and doesn't clean it up. I wasn't sure who the culprit was at first, so I had to hang signs up in the house. It worked, until I took the signs down.

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                  Quote Originally Posted by IsildursBane
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                  My roommate's got a 13yo son who pisses on the seat and doesn't clean it up.

                  honestly, pissing on the seat is the most pure and vile form of ****************************ry there is. for something that takes zero effort to prevent and causes such distress not only to people in your own household, but also to total strangers who you'll never meet, the only possible explanation to pissing on the seat is a complete and total lack of respect for one's own self and humanity as a whole.

                  my nephew used to piss on the seat when he was 14, and it took seven months of telling him every single day not to piss on the damn seat before it finally stopped.