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    Quote Originally Posted by kmart
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    And then it passed to Lemmy.

    That alone should signal the end of the world.

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      Quote Originally Posted by madjack
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      How about the restaurant at the end of the universe? Is that irrelevant as well?:-)

      So would that happen to be Alice's restaurant ?


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        Ping. It's 121 on 12/22/12, Windows hasn't crashed yet and the world still seems to be here, at least in NJ, USA. Anyone else still in existence?


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          Quote Originally Posted by Jorge7
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          Ping. It's 121 on 12/22/12, Windows hasn't crashed yet and the world still seems to be here, at least in NJ, USA. Anyone else still in existence?

          "Give me one ping. One ping only, Vassilly."
          "Good tools are expensive. Cheap tools are damned expensive."


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            Everything is the same as it was yesterday and likely to be tomorrow...
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              For me, it was a great day. One of my female friend of 20+ years decided that it was time to give me some "end of the world poon". She really bought into all the Mayan Calendar stuff. She was freaking out (has all sorts of anxiety issues) about it, and she watches all those damned TV shows about ancient aliens and all of that. So she asked me to come and hang out with her today and tonight. So I asked her,"Do you seriously believe in all of this stuff?" and she responded that, yes she did. So I said,"Since you believe the world is going to end, don't you think it's about time we knocked boots? After all, we've only been friends for 25 years." Well, the came and went - and so did I, LOL - and she already left me a message letting me know she definitely wants multiple repeat performances.

              YAY, Me!

              Note to young guys: It's not a race. Build the fire slowly. It's okay to enjoy the pleasure on your way to the pinnacle as well as reaching the pinnacle. LOL I say this because she and I are both in our 40's, and she's been called a "super cougar" since she has strictly dated guys 18-26 for the last 7 years.... but she said I showed her what's been missing in her life and I completely rocked her world like it's never been rocked before. (Just keep repeating the words to "Slow & Easy" by Whitesnake until it is ingrained in your head. lol)

              Can ya tell I'm really happy right now.
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              Originally Posted by agedhorse

              You can't bridge these amps (yay).