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Line 6 XDV75 polar pattern


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  • Line 6 XDV75 polar pattern

    I sound checked one for the first time today. I couldn't find polars for it in any of the documentation, the only reference was that It didn't emulate details like proximity effect or polar response, which is understandable because they are more physical characteristics. It appears to be a super cardioid or something close. Overall it worked very well, we'll see how it does come show time.

    If anyone (Don Boomer) can give me some polar info it would be great, even if it is anecdotal rather than an actual plot.

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    The pattern is cardioid, not super. At least on the 70 series that's the case.
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      Correct ... It is cardioid. There are specs published here ... http://line6.com/support/docs/DOC-2312

      The mic models do not change the polar pattern but it does model the proximity effect. It's accurate at 18" and at 2".
      Don Boomer


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        Thank you for the prompt response.