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  • Brian@AudioEast.com

    I've bought "most" of my PA through Audio East - (they used to advertise on THIS forum) - and I have always been well served. I recently ran into a little snafu with them - on some "used" gear - (I'll never again). BUT - here's the thing - Brian@audioeast.com went clear out of his way - and above and beyond - to make sure that things worked out alright - (which they did) - and I am so grateful. His personal touch to customer service - and his commitment to things working out for me (also) - insure that I will be a loyal www.AudioEast.com customer in the future. You should too.
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    I bought a used Shure IEM system from Brian many years ago, went without a hitch (wish the body packs/earbuds hadn't been stolen recently....) and wouldn't hesitate to work with Brian again. He one of the good guys to work with.
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      Off-Topic: Thread title is just begging harvesting from spambots.

      On-topic: Though I have never dealt with them, I have heard nothing but good things about AudioEast here on this forum.