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How do you calculate (or estimate) SPL for a system?


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  • How do you calculate (or estimate) SPL for a system?

    I was telling a buddy I was looking at getting a pair of EV ZXA1s over a pair of ZXA1-Subs. He said he was considering a Peavey Triflex system for the same reasons (size, weight).


    The ZZounds description specs the tops at 101db and the sub at 102db. It then specs the "Complete System" at 129db. Questions:

    #1 - Are the compnent and 'Complete System' numbers believable? Believable as any?

    #2 - Can 'System' SPL be calculated simply based on the known SPLs of the three components (and some assumptions)?

    The EV four-bin set would reportedly have two 123dB tops over two 126dB subs. Can a similar "Complete System" number be generated for comparison? Is there a published 'System' SPL number out there for the EV set of four? I couldn't find one. Can they be believed?

    I think I remember seeing the Bose L1 specs at around 115dB (120dB peak). Is that about right?

    Thanks, all!