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  • PA/Board Newbie Question

    Howdy Folks! I joined this forum hoping to get some guidance. After a bit of homework and shopping around, I'm considering a Behringer PMP1680S powered mixer and pairing it with EV ELX112 passive speakers using a third (same) speaker as a monitor.

    The power specs on the mixer are;

    RMS @ 1% THD, both channels driven:

    8? per channel: 300W

    4? per channel: 600W

    RMS @ 1% THD, bridged mode: 8? 1200W

    Peak Power, both channels driven:

    8? per channel: 400W

    4? per channel: 800W

    Peak Power, bridged mode: 8? 1600W

    The Speaker specs (abbreviated) are;

    Power Handling: 250W Continuous, 1000W Peak

    LF Transducer(s): (1) EVS-12K, 305mm (12") Woofer

    HF Transducer: DH-1K, 39mm (1.5") Titanium Diaphragm Compression Driver

    Crossover Frequency: 2.1kHz

    Nominal Impedance: 8?

    Minimum Impedance: 7.0?

    Connectors: Dual NL4

    Is this an adequate match for speaker/powerd board? The act will be anything from solo acoustic/vocal to multiple acoustic/electric guitars, vocals, small keyboard with occassional acoustic instruments (harmonica, violin, mandolin) in small/medium venues.

    Thanks In Advance

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    The speakers are the better part of the system.

    It will work, maybe not the best way to spend your powered mixer money however. You might give the Yamaha and Peavey powered mixers a look.
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      Personally, for this type of situation I'd go with a pair of powered 15's on poles and one of the affordable Yamaha MG mixers. Unless you've already bought stuff you listed.


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        Was just looking at the speaker specs. They're saying 94 db splash and 132 maximum output. The way I figure it, the most extra db output is 30 db for 1000 watts. That sounds like 124 db max and more like 118 db continuous. The specs might be crap because they're saying the crossover point is 21,000 htz. That's seriously above my hearing range and probably everyone elses hearing range too. Don't get me wrong, I like EV speakers. You can't be careless with matching the amps to speakers. (The wattage ratings are real.) It does sound like the SX-100 and laters will do the same thing. (Not very good as monitors cause they're not shaped right for floor use.) There are many different ways of doing this and everyone has their own favorites. Agedhorse always has advice that is worthy of serious consideration. (And decades of experience that most of us will never get close to.)


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          I have to agree with Crownman. You would do FAR better to get an inexpensive mixer and powered speakers instead, both for the short term and for future upgrades/expansion.

          It will cost a little more than what you are looking at, but you will be far happier with the results (depending on which components of course).
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            Even a single decent powered speaker and a simple mixer would be better.

            Try this on for size:

            RCF312a speaker - $450.00

            MG124CX mixer - $290.00

            Compare this to what you were going to spend $380 for the mixer and ~$600.00 for the 2 speakers.

            When you get a little more cash, get a 2nd RCF312a. These are really nice sounding speakers.
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              Just saying - everybody is "right" - to try and upgrade you to some "powered" speakers. They do work a lot better - especailly for a small system. But in my mind YOU are also right to want 3 speakers - 2 for fronts - and one monitor (although I have played a lot of times - on an acoustic deal like that - without a monitor - and done fine).

              If you could swing 2 of the RCF312a speakers - and that MG124CX mixer - that would be pretty sweet - and then get the third RCF312a speaker (for a monitor) later if you really felt like you needed one (which you might not).

              I DO think it is important - IF you are gong to get some monitors - (and you're going to run the mixer on stage) - to get the same speaker for your monitor(s) as you hve for your "fronts" - so "what you hear" = "what they hear".
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