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back-up guitar amp

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    I have one and the first thing I went and did to it, was to replace the stock **bleep** speaker, with a brand new Eminence Rajun Cajun. That alone, was definately worth the extra 70 bucks I paid just for the speaker alone.  The amp now, doesn't break up at high volumes and now has a nice tube tone to it. Plus there is a extra increase in volume as well. It now sounds more like a 40-50 watt combo instead of a 25 watt one.


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      The sad fact is that you would then take the blame for the player sounding like **bleep**. And he will sound like **bleep**. A competant player will remember to bring his own amp, and it will be in good repair as it's as important of a part of his sound as his guitar and his fingers. A hack will forget his amp (or not even own one) and then blame you when his friends tell him that he didn't sound just like Jimi or Carlos. And as a one man shop, you're most likely at the lower part of the food chain (as am I) where there are far more hacks that think they're something than truly talented players. You'll be blamed for plenty of things that aren't your fault. No need to add more items to the list.

      Security Officers have been trained to not touch the service monkey


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        I picked up an Egnater Rebel 30 112 combo for $500 from one of MF's stoopid deals. It have both Marshall style and Fender style output tubes that you can switch or blend between. It also can be dialed to any power between 1 and 30 watts and has a built-in dummy load for recording. So far everyone that has played though it likes it . The speaker is a single 12" Celestion CL80 varient with a touch more bottom end in a semi open back cab.