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Small stereo monitoring rig?

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  • Small stereo monitoring rig?

    Right now I use a QSC K10 for my monitoring needs.  It is plenty loud and sounds good.  However, I am being asked to use a lot of stereo effects and would like to have a bit of that on stage.  Any suggestions for smaller monitors I could use as a pair?  My instrument rig and vocals would usually be all that is mixed in.  

    I need this rig to essentially equal (at least) the volume of the K10.  The better the response for a modeling rig the better.  I would prefer the footprint to be as small as possible.  I thought about K8's, but figure they might be overly expensive compared to what has hit the scene since I bought the K10 several years ago.



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    Do you have enough aux sends for a stereo monitor setup?
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      On the K10 (let's say I used two), I can send my stereo outs direct to the monitors and then feed the mixer with the lineout from each K10.  Again, with the K10, I could run vocals directly into one and line out, or take that from the monitor feed.


      In the past, having done some solo shows, I always ran my rig and vocals to the monitor and lined out from there.  There are definite pros and cons to that.

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    You might want to check out the Electro-Voice ZXA1 powered 8" speakers. I use them as monitors along with K10 mains in our "acoustic" rig for weddings and small clubs.

    They're smaller and more lightweight than K10's, and cost less (about $500 each, last I checked). Volume-wise, they're in the same ballpark as the K10's while lacking just a bit of the fullness and bass response, due to the smaller size. We use the ZXA1's instead of K10's mainly for the small footprint, since wedding setups are often cramped for space.

    I've tried using tiny monitors like the now-discontinued TC Helicon powered units, and there are similar monitors like the Mackie SRM150 and powered Galaxy hot spots. But I like hearing at least a bit more "oomph", and that means a monitor of a certain size. The ZXA1's are close enough to the K10's to do the job.

    Have you considered in-ear monitoring? A wired stereo system wouldn't be terribly expensive (unless you go with custom molds). There would be less gear to transport, and less clutter on the stage. I don't like in-ears myself... I prefer hearing the sound field around me, from floor wedges. But if I wanted to hear stereo, I think that might be the point where I'd go with in-ears to simplify things. 


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      Assuming your keys are going therough the FOH subs those "fill in" any low end the B208D's are missing no prob. You don't want much low end anyways unless you want the bass player after your left hand with a chain saw . Those little guys get plenty loud enough as nearfield monitors to destroy your hearing when placed on stands in front of your keyboards facing you.