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How to use powered speaker with DBX Driverack PA?

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  • How to use powered speaker with DBX Driverack PA?

    The inputs in the back are high low and mid. But I have powered speakers....does it matter which input I connect it to? Thanks.

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    Doesn't really matter... just plug in the data (crossover/eq/etc) as you normally would to configure the Driverack.... then Plug'n'Pray.
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      Most of the better powered speakers don't recommend using additional processing as it has already been optimized at the factory.
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        The mixer outputs go to the DRPA inputs. The DRPA outputs (hi, mid, low) go to the powered speakers. If you have subs that do not have an internal crossover and DSP, they would get the low output. If you have bi-amped tops (with an internal cross-over and DSP) or full-range tops, the use the "mid" outputs for the tops.

        What specific powered speakers do you have? Is your DRPA the original version or the "plus" version? What DRPA functions do you think you want to use? The answers will help in providing specifc advice/instruction. Mark C.
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          What powered loudspeakers are your running?  Are you using the same brand name powered subs?

          Please describe your setup, make and models.

          This is so people here can give you useful advice based on your equipment.




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            lilgrasshopper wrote:
            The inputs in the back are high low and mid. But I have powered speakers....does it matter which input I connect it to? Thanks.


            By "inputs", I think you mean "outputs"... We have a similar setup - EV powered tops and Yorkville powered subs. I was just playing with mine today - the tops are connected to the high outs and the subs are connected to the low outs. (I saw that someone else said to use mid and low, but my DRPA uses high and low.)

            Tell the wizard that you have a two-way system and select custom when it asks for the amp/speakers that you use.




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              I've been searching the web for a while now and came across this post. I have a driverack PA also and I'm having an issue getting it setup with our new system (2 x Mackie DLM 8, 1 x DLM12S Sub). Before going to powered speakers, we were using crown amps and when I would run the wizard it would ask me to turn the main volume up and I would hear the pink noise.

              If I'm not running the wizard, the speakers work fine and I get audio out of them just fine. When I run the wizard and get to the pink noise part I get NOTHING. Not even the faintest. Now I realize that I need to switch the setup now, but I have no idea how it should be run since this driverack doesn't have the DLMs in it's system. I'm still a bit of a newbie and I don't know which settings I should select.

              Thanks for any help you guys can offer!