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Peavey 115 International Series III?

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    Those 4 x 15's were pretty poorly tuned in that box, ended up being almost like a mid-bass box. Yucko. Heavy too.


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      I picked up a pair of these speakers on Craigslist just for fun.... I got them pretty inexpesive thought I would mess around with them. I hooked them up to my IPR3000 and They sound great. Totaly suprised me way better sounding then I expected.

      Wondering if anyone has had any dealings with these?

      I relize they are probly 20+ years old but seem to be a pretty good Speaker. Any Thoughts???
      Old Peavey pro sound gear = scary. New Peavey sound
      gear = better. The Sp1 comes to mind being junk. Ok im being nice here.......


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        The 115 internationals were a good sounding box, if i recall. I could replace the ht-94 diaphragm with a aftermarket JBL bullet tweeter diaphragm. There used to be a guy around here with 4 stacks per side of the 3020 and matching subs. The grills were attached to the baskets and made the 2x the price of the standard scorpian basket. I never heard a pair with a actal working vertion of the ht-94 ( the 22a didnt have a low pass filter so it went alth the way out) he would bridge 1 cs 800 per cabinet Cabs and the amps were not fun to move ( 16 old cs 800's) ( + just for fun this guy never wrapped cables and had no patch pannels and we had to hook up the amp side bare wire). comb filtering heaven but loud. there was a co around that replaced the horns with a jbl 2" horn and driver ( probably a knock off). These were in tons of rooms in the late 80's and early 90's in tacoma and north seattle. Also popular was the McCauley horizontal dual 12" w/ a 2" and dual 15"s.


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          I don't recall the HT-94 diaphragms being comp[atable with the JBL 2402's???


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            I rebuilt a pair of these, mine are three way 15" low frequency drive, horn midrange horn tweeter.

            The diaphrams on the tweters were blown so I bought, re soldered the new ones and also soldered all new 1/4 plug jacks.


            The xover had bad caps for the high frequency i believe, so i replaced them with polypropelene caps not the electrolytics.

            I removed the bass speaker baskests and removed and cleaned the voice coil gaps.

            Soon after I bought (2)  new black widow baskets.

            They sound great.