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  • Sub output

    Will 1 properly powered EV QRX out perform 2 Yorkville LS808 in terms of volume and throw?  I know it goes lower.

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     Might check out Danley TH line of subs if your needed a heavy hitting sub that can go low.






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      It would not be a huge difference in either direction IMHO.

      It may sound better depending on your taste

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        According to the specs, they should have roughly the same output, but the QrX should go a bit lower (39Hz/-3dB vs 45Hz/-3dB for the 808's.


        The QrX has higher power handling, but lower sensitivity (102dB/1w/1m vs 105dB/1w/1m)

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          Keep in mind that those specs I gave you are for a single 808, vs the 2x18 QrX. A pair of 808's will probably go a few dB's lower than the 45Hz of a single 808, plus a few more dB's of output for doubling of surface area. If I'm not mistaken, they're both rated at roughly 136dB continuous, with a peak of 141dB for the QrX vs 139dB for a single 808.

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        QRX 218 is 150lbs. 808's are horn loaded so they should be louder per watt. I would not want to haul either up a flight of stairs. Spl levels are not always measured in the same way so take manufactures ratings with a grain of salt.

        What is the application ?
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