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Drive rack vs 223

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  • Drive rack vs 223

    Good morning Folks!


    I use a 223 for DSP. I hear a lot of good things about the drive rack. I think it's out of this world for price but that's just me. Would I see any benefits to using a drive rack over a 223? I like the 223 as I can tune it quickly by ear for tops and bottoms and can give tops or bottoms a little ooomph or reduction if needed depending upon acoustics



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    I have two DSP's. They stay home and I use my 223 . If you only use one set of mains/subs and/or triamp a DSP with the proper settings could sound better. Too much of a PITA for me - the 223 just works with no fuss...


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      I use a DR260. I like that it has a 28 band graph as well as parametric eq and AFS. There are also limiters, comps, RTA, and delays, but I don't use them very much.  I monitor it with an old laptop and that makes it as easy to make changes on the fly as if I had hardware units. They're expensive, but if you shop around you can occasionally find a good deal. I paid a little over half price for mine on ebay.

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        223 is not dsp

        band status - "its complicated"


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          DSP properly used is a great tool. Improperly used is a disaster. Since you don't understand that your DBX unit is not a DSP, perhaps the simplicity of the analog crossover might be a huge advantage relative to DSP.

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            Just echoing what's already been posted about the 223 is not a driverack, but just a external crossover and driveracks require a steep learning curve. Which IMO your never to old to learn. Since seasoned pros where newbies at one time. Just gotta have the desire to wanna learn and not be embarrassed asking silly dumb questions because you can't learn if you don't understand.  Anyway there's lots of great folks over on the DBX driverack forum that can step you through the learning curve if really wanna learn bad enoogh on how to use a driverack.


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          Advantages of a DSP for me:


          1.  Replaces crossovers, post crossover eqs, system eqs, limiters for two main and two monitor channels in a single rack space (Ashly 4.24c), making my rig much smaller. 

          2.  Memory capability allows me to easily reconfigure with different speaker combinations, subs/no subs, etc. 

          3.  Better sound (to my ears).

          4.  Less expensive than the equipment it replaces (assuming decent quality gear), even if all you use is eqs and crossovers. 

          5.  It's difficult for others to fiddle with it, so they tend not to try.