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Sound Craft Live 8 issues


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  • Sound Craft Live 8 issues

    Hey, I am dealing with some major channel bleed over between channels and aux's. I work in Boise, ID and the only repair shop I know of has horrid reviews by some personal friends of mine. Does anyone know of a good place to take this board around the area? 



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    Unfortunately, Soundcraft has struggled with this line of consoles. When they work they are pretty good but over the years they have proven to be less than reliable and especially full of intermittent issues. Give Harman a call and ask them who their go to shop in your area is, explain to them that you have had a tough time finding a shop that you (and others) have any real confidence with.

    This is a major challenge with a lot of the more sophisticated products out there. It takes a lot of experience working on this stuff to really understand the ins and outs or each brand and model. If you don't see them all the time, and especially if you are not doing this kind of product regularly, it's hard to get really good and efficient at fixing them correctly.

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