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Good Bag For Several Mic Stands?


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  • Good Bag For Several Mic Stands?

    Hey folks! I have a couple of nice K&M stands (one short and one tall) which are brand new, and old (beat to **bleep**) On Stage Stand, and some generic short stand. I noticed that my brand new K&M stands have a couple of dings on them already from travel, so I want to get a bag of some sort to protect them. I saw this on Amazon, but it looks like it is meant for music stands and not mic stands. Would it work? Or am I better off with something else.

    www.amazon.com/Bag-Rainbow-Stands-KC/dp/B000NUYAI0/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=3FXS4WT7Z5CM 1&coliid=I3RS4BCHHYOLOR


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    I've been using this to carry 3 mic stands, 2 speaker poles, 2 guitar stands, and a conductor's model music stand.



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      The link's not working. (for me)


      I've got a bunch of heavy-duty bags for speaker-stands,, light stands, and mic stands. You don't want bags that are meant for taller items (like speaker stands, light-tree stands), because the mic stands will shift around inside the bag. Mine have shoulder-straps as well as handles, and full-length zippers. I don't recall what I paid, but I'm glad I got them.


      You don't want bags that are too big, otherwise, they're a **bleep** to carry. In that situation, you're better off with a case that has wheels on one end. For larger gigs, you need a road-case with casters..

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        I have a heavy On-Stage bag, it's lasted a good year with no real wear on it.

        I carry 4 full size K&M with short booms and 4 short stands in it.


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          It seems that K&M make bags for mic stands. This link is to a UK site, but I would imagine people who stock the stands might well have these as well...if they are like the stands, decent quality....



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          My golf club case holds:

          • 2 speakers for my Bose
          • A boom mic stand
          • A guitar stand
          • My pedal board
          • An extension cord, 3 mic cables, 2 guitar cables 

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        I have the On Stage brand, from Guitar Center.  It's working very well, so far.  It seems like a well made bag.  Two friends of mine have had the same bag for years. One of them gets used very frequently.  No issues that I've heard of.

        I carry six stands in it, without problem.  They are the tripod type; not the weighted base style.